Women In Tech

Women In Technology – World Series 7 – 11 June 2021

Only 19% of tech staff are women. Yet, according to HP, around 70% of women are interested in tech related jobs. These stark figures point to the existence of barriers, glass ceilings, closed doors; call them what you will, we have a clear contrast between interest and outcomes.

Women are, always have been, accomplished in technology. From Ada Lovelace to Elizabeth Feinler and beyond, there is no shortage of success stories and inspirational figures. Yet the numbers stubbornly refuse to budge.

The big hurdles we see are ‘awareness’, the current gender makeup, the pay gap and the importance of flexible working. We need to do much more to raise awareness of the variety of roles (beyond, but including coding), ensure male managers don’t unconsciously hire in their own image, rid the workplace of demotivating and unjust pay and not just ‘offer’ flexible working, but normalise it.

The Women In Technology World Series is an event we are proud and privileged to be involved with. As a Diamond level sponsor we are providing thought leadership through a range of presentations, workshops and live Q&As and hoping to meet up with some 10,000 female tech professional from all over the world. Gender diversity is something we firmly believe has to be ‘done’ rather than just ‘talked about’ and we can’t wait to both talk and listen to you at this prestigious event.

Together we can build something better, not just for women but for the industry as a whole.