Momentous Change – Project 2030


As we emerge from the darkness of Covid, each one of us will have new dreams, new opportunities and new paths to travel. Transport For London has always kept this incredible capital city moving throughout her greatest challenges, and we’ll be there to get our communities going again as we open up.

The rebuild across the UK is a vast undertaking. With our renewed liberties comes a renewed focus on technology and innovation. The worlds of work, commerce and socialising have possibly shifted forever. Our expectations are altered. Our horizons forever changed.

This kind of momentous change has never happened so quickly.  The pace is fast. The scope is vast. The ideas are nothing short of revolutionary.

Here are just a few:

  • Modern signalling means more frequent trains and smoother road journeys
  • The iBus location system gives customers real time information
  • Contactless has made us the leaders of e-ticketing in transport
  • Mobile devices for station staff have transformed customer service
  • Predictive analysis of faults enabled a step-change in maintenance
  • Big Data is re-shaping our approach to planning and customer support
  • Our open data policy has created a new frontier in customer information

Making a difference for millions of people every day of the year, this is a job to be proud of.

Right now, the whole UK is entering a bold new phase; one that will set the standard for the next generation. We call it Project 2030. Discover more about us.